About QLC


QLC is a second generation company. Founded in 1963 by Wayne Buske the company (then called Layton Label) got its start in labels but soon realized our customers needed a way to get the labels onto their products other than by hand. We quickly found a line of labeling equipment that would apply labels automatically.

In 1990 all of the label converting business was sold and QLC emerged as the first company in the country to focus on providing labeling equipment and not the labels.

Frankly many people did not think we would survive without the label business. Thanks to our customers who understand the value of our experience we have grown to one of the leaders in the industry.

With our key manufacturers CTM Integration / Label-Aire / Markem-Imaje / Arca we are able to offer positive solutions to their labeling equipment needs.

Our motto is simple; we truly believe we are “the company that applies itself!