Modex 2024 was a huge success! There were over 35,000 folks who took the time to visit the show. It was out first time at Modex and we will be back. Many of the folks who stopped by took the time to really understand what it was we were showing.  Huge Thank you to all who stopped by. Extra thank you to those who are continuing the conversation post Modex we appreciate your continued interest in our products.

New technology is what Modex 2024 was all about!

Many of the people who we talked to enjoyed the discussions about something new at a trade show. Too many times we go to a trade show and there is nothing new to show.  We are showing a not new technology but is not well recieved int he US. It is welcomed in Europe but not the US? Why id that? That’s a discussion for another time!

Just know the peole we talked to are excited we brought this over from Italy.  Another great something from Italy, Pizza, pasta and now linerless labeling!

As always give us a call (800) 837-1309 or drop us an e-mail for more information and to reconnect.