According to the   U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 2 million recordable nonfatal workplace injuries in 2021.

Safety doesn’t just happen.  According to the National Association of Safety Professionals   #6 on the top ten list of top workplace injuries is “Entanglement with mechanical or moving parts”, additionally they report that businesses spend an average of $1,100 per injured worker. Ouch!

How can your labeler contribute to workplace injuries and more importantly how can they be reduced or eliminated?

Let’s look at a Label-Aire model 3115 wipe on.  The web needs to get pulled through a series of rollers, one is driven (rubber roller) and one is knurled. It can be very painful if someone was to get their fingers in between those rollers.  With many operators it takes more than a warning sticker to keep them from sticking their hands into the machine.

Why not guard them against entanglement with mechanical or moving parts? We can add a front cover and back cover to any of our models. This will reduce the ability for the operator to get their hands stuck in the drive roller assembly.  This is a simple and quick way to keep employees safe!

What you spend and how you spend money on safety is up to you. You could send your employees to safety training? How many thousands of dollars would that cost? Or for less than $2,000 you could increase the likely hood of a safer workplace.

Let us help make your labelers safer for the workplace!

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