Markem-Imaje – CIJ – Continuous Ink Jet

Markem-Imaje continuous marking inkjet printers, with more than 4 decades of experience, improve the traceability of your products with the code you need. Their vast ink portfolio, including high-performance competitively priced MEK-free inks, makes Markem-Imaje continuous inkjet marking equipment the most flexible and one of the most reliable on the market today. Easy to use, Markem-Imaje continuous inkjet encoders series simplify daily activities and make your printing process seamless.

Model 9330 light /medium duty

  • Cost efficient inkjet
  • 8,000 hours non stop
  • Ink circuit swap 6 minutes!
  • Maintain on your own
  • Print speed up to 4.4 m/s

Model 9450 medium/heavy duty 

  • Wide range of products
  • Contrast/Hi-speed/ Extrusion
  • IP 56 no plant air
  • Mark & read optional 
  • Print speed up to 6.6 m/s

Model 9750 Simple to use

  • 71 dpi or 115 dpi
  • 18,000 hours before maint
  • Maintenance made easy
  • 10″ touch screen
  • Print speed uo tp 6.6 m/s

Our innovative 9750 technological attributes bring unrivalled benefits including ease of use, sustainability and digitalized convenience. In addition to the modularity and cost-effectiveness of its Intelli’Swap® technology, which streamlines mechanicals to swappable modules, you also no longer need to change all blocks, thus reducing waste and facilitating maintenance or repair. Its Intelli’Ink® system ensures optimal error-proof coder performance and flexibility when coding different package materials. Jet Speed Control automatically adjusts ink and printer variables to ensure drop placement, quality and code consistence… every time. Its digital attributes, including remote diagnostics, allow for a predictive analysis and therefore help maximize uptime, achieve OEE objectives. Integration in a 4.0 connected environment becomes simple thanks to its quick customizable 24-pin interface. Convenience is now only a couple clicks away